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Ok, so I usually do these on Tuesdays, but yesterday was full of consults and wedding booking and blogging other stuff- so, it’s Wednesday and I’m doing a little installment of Tips and Tricks about honing your craft and growing as an artist. To me, there is nothing more important as an artist than renewal […]

Huge announcement on this glorious Monday morning – Amanda is joining us as an associate photographer! I hate even using the title “associate” photographer because she is so much more, so we probably need to come up with something different… I’ll ponder that. I am super excited to announce that Amanda will now be shooting […]

A few weeks ago, I shot by far the scariest ceremony I have ever been a part of… scary in a photography sense, not scary at all in terms of my amazing couple. Lauren and Will got married the night before daylight savings time changed over and it was planned perfectly to go along with […]

Last week I tasked myself and a friend of mine with getting some images of me for a few marketing pieces I have coming up in the new year.  I have to be totally honest – since I have been shooting, I have become incredibly weird IN FRONT of the camera.  I have no idea […]

Ok, I have been on blogging hiatus.  It’s truly only because I have been shooting LIKE CRAZY.  But, I am really back with a goal to dedicate myself to a few staples on my blog.  One of those are the Tuesday installments discussing photography related tips and things that work for me.  I even plan […]