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Blake is seriously one of a kind.  I have  known her since she was a pre-teen and I’ve always thought she was just insanely gorgeous.  We went to her family’s land in Shirley, AR to shoot her senior images.  She was styled by the girls at Scarlet and we basically just drove up and had […]

Dominique is the sweetest – and most gorgeous – thing ever.  She probably thanked me 10 times while we were shooting for taking her pictures…. which was really funny to me, because I was the one that wanted to thank her.  It is honestly so much fun to shoot these girls, and guys.  Seniors are […]

Ella and I had a blast shooting her session – it was super duper hot, but the fact that she is super duper gorgeous made it totally worth all the sweating and a few bug bites.  When she smiled, I found myself grinning like a huge goober behind my camera without even knowing it.  Ella […]

Everyone knows I have an obsession with red heads… and Annie epitomizes the reasons why.  Her skin, her hair… every bit of her is pure gorgeous.  Even the inside – she is just as funny and sweet as she is pretty.  No wonder I am obsessed, right?!  Here are some of my favorites from her […]

It’s an Episcopal Collegiate day on the blog!  Laura is up next and I absolutely adore her.  She has no idea how gorgeous she is – but even better, she is hilarious.  We had an amazing time shooting downtown – despite all the Riverfest festivities trying to cramp our style.  Thanks for being so awesome […]