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I have known Molly for quite a while.  I think she was 15 when we first shot together.  I have always known that there was something pretty amazing about her and in the time since we first shot, she has signed with some major modeling agencies.  She also happens to be a senior this year […]

Last week I tasked myself and a friend of mine with getting some images of me for a few marketing pieces I have coming up in the new year.  I have to be totally honest – since I have been shooting, I have become incredibly weird IN FRONT of the camera.  I have no idea […]

You know how there are just some people that you meet and you want to be around them all the time?!  That’s Star for me.  For starters, she is just drop.dead. insane. gorgeous.  But, once you get passed how beautiful she is, you realize she has no idea and she is quite possibly the nicest, […]

Blake is seriously one of a kind.  I have  known her since she was a pre-teen and I’ve always thought she was just insanely gorgeous.  We went to her family’s land in Shirley, AR to shoot her senior images.  She was styled by the girls at Scarlet and we basically just drove up and had […]

Every senior I shoot is so different … some are shy, some are super chill, and some of just a bundles of nerves.  But one thing usually happens by the end of our shoot – we form a bond.  It sounds so silly because I shoot a tons of girls (and the occasional guy), but […]