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I always talk about how wonderful my brides are, but Amy is just someone that I cannot say enough about.  Yes, she is gorgeous – but the most wonderful thing about her is that she radiates kindness.  On her wedding day, she was more worried about everyone around her than herself.  She is the ultimate […]

Mary Dudley and Ted are the most fun loving pair – Ted is the life of every party and Mary Dudley just shakes her head and laughs.  He may or may not be known for removing articles of clothing if a party is just THAT GOOD.  Luckily for this amazing day, the cameras were put […]

I am inspired by beautiful things and when I get to photograph them it makes me happy.  Jessica Zimmerman feels the same way about all things pretty, thus the idea to create the wedding of our dreams for an installment of the Zimmerman Inspiration Series was born.  I wanted to teach a photography workshop about […]

They waited 20 years to make it officially official, and it was one of my biggest honors to date to be the one to capture the big day.  Jessica Kersey planned a gorgeous wedding for Dean and Mark – one full of exactly what they wanted.  They wanted to celebrate each other and celebrate their […]

As a photographer, I love images for crazy reasons.  Reasons that seem totally sane to me (and maybe other photographers) but crazy to anyone else.  I’ll love the way the light hits an image, the way the sun hits someone’s hair or that little tiny sparkle in someone’s eye that they can’t see of themselves. […]