Dominique | Mt. St. Mary’s Senior, 2014

Dominique is the sweetest – and most gorgeous – thing ever.  She probably thanked me 10 times while we were shooting for taking her pictures…. which was really funny to me, because I was the one that wanted to thank her.  It is honestly so much fun to shoot these girls, and guys.  Seniors are at this amazingly fun time in their lives and every one of them has a different something, something that makes them shine- this just makes them a blast to photograph.

Dominique is a dancer, which made her shine – but even more so, she was the nicest and most appreciative gorgeous girl.  Every time I leave a session, I wonder how the evolution of our species has come so far since I was a senior – standing by a tree with terrible lipstick and a navy vest.  It just doesn’t seem possible that it has come this far this fast.

Below are some of my favorites from her shoot, enjoy her awesomeness!

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