McArthur Park Engagements | Jacklyn and Caleb

Years ago I met Jacklyn while shooting one of her friends weddings and I remember thinking – when that gorgeous girl gets married, I sure hope I get to shoot it.  This was before she had even met Caleb, so I probably sounded stalker-ish when I said something to her to that effect.  Luckily since that day she met and fell in love with a dreamy guy – and here we are, getting married in October.  I am beyond honored and thankful that they chose me to shoot their engagements – these two could not be any prettier.  Plus, they have two spaniels.  This automatically makes them amazing.   Jacklyn is hilarious and Caleb just shakes his head… our day was absolute perfection.  I really want to create some excuses to photograph these two again.


Jacklyn and Caleb – thank you for being so gorgeous… and for an absolutely perfect shoot.

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