My Many Awkward Faces

Last week I tasked myself and a friend of mine with getting some images of me for a few marketing pieces I have coming up in the new year.  I have to be totally honest – since I have been shooting, I have become incredibly weird IN FRONT of the camera.  I have no idea what has happened.  It’s like I am incapable of being normal when I am looking into a lens.  I thought I would write about and show a few outtakes, just to say, “Hey – It’s totally ok to be weird.”

Not EVERY picture anyone takes is going to be perfect.  When I come home from a shoot, I cull images and I find what represents each person at their best.  There are going to be images that people like of themselves better than others, and then some that are complete outtakes.  It’s so fun to see what my seniors and even my brides like best of themselves because it is usually different than what I like best.  Of course, I am looking at light, the way the sun streams behind their hair, the composition and the presence of some cool environmental elements in each photo.  They are usually looking at their booty, whether they think they’re hair looks flat, or something equally as important to them.  That is why we shoot a lot.  They might like something different from what their mom likes, which can be different than what we send to Grandma.

Here’s is what is fun about being in front of the camera – I get to feel like what my peeps feel like on a regular basis.  Can I just tell everyone thank you – thank you for putting yourself out there, for taking risks, for allowing me to photograph you and for embracing who you are enough to thoroughly enjoy the experience.   When my peeps and I wrap a shoot, we tend to leave on some sort of high… feeling good about ourselves, me for my work and them for their fab-ness.  I love that.  I love that when we are done, you guys don’t want it to be over and are ready to do it all over again.  So, thanks for being awesome and thanks for making me love what I do!

Ok, on to the fun stuff.  Here is what I typically do when I am on camera: I am weird, I do weird faces, and I generally just don’t know what on Earth TO DO WITH MY HANDS… (I always knew Will Ferrell and I were soul siblings)



Sometimes, I like to go with a half robot and a come hither stare … bahahahahahhahaaaa 2014-10-16_0004

Ok, and then I tried to just pretend like something was funny and at least get one photo that my Mom wouldn’t shake her head about.  2014-10-16_0005



So, there you have it.  Don’t ever be  nervous to be in front of my lens because I promise you, I am more awkward than anyone could ever dream of being.  My job is to take you through the shoot and for the end result to look like you’ve been doing this your whole life.  I have people ask me all the time if my seniors are all models and it is the hugest compliment because they’re actually NOT.  These are real girls and we just work together to bring out their best.  I tend to always love the end result, but I especially LOVE the process of getting there.

<<<< a special thank you to my friend Meredith Melody who shot the photos above and dealt with my awkward self during the shoot; another special thank you goes to Kakki Jones for my hair and makeup that day >>>>

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