Senior Session | Anna Margaret’s Session in Joshua Tree

People always ask if my seniors are models – I always say, “No, they are actual seniors.”  Well, to be fair in this case, Anna Margaret is BOTH.  She signed with an agent a few years ago and I have been watching her wonderful modeling career every since.  Her mamma is a dear friend of mine, so when it was time for this little bunny to be a senior, I brought up the idea of doing something really special with her.  She takes photos all the time for a living – so I wanted her “senior session” to be something different and special.  I wanted her to get to do something she hadn’t done before.  So – to the California desert we went!  Joshua Tree just seemed to fit Anna Margaret – she is laid back and gorgeous.   For a long time I have been wanting to shoot out West in this gorgeous place, so we headed to California and had an AMAZING two days in the desert.

We stayed at The Parker while we were on our little girl’s trip and it was oh so perfect.  Now, The Parker doesn’t allow photos of any sort on the grounds – but that just isn’t possible for me.  So, every time we managed to sit still – in between drinking $20 lemonades – I made Anna Margaret pose.

The entrance of The Parker is my fave … despite almost getting tackled by about 5 angry security peeps – I had to take 30 seconds to take a photo.   So, we took the amazing photo below and then went back to eating our $50 pancakes… totally worth it, might I add.  Yes, Anna Margaret eats pancakes.  She’s genetically blessed, what can I say?!

Ok, now back to the amazing desert shoot.  We found the most perfect school bus at the entrance of Joshua… I took this photo of Anna Margaret, and then I died because it was perfection.  I mean, this little free spirit was just made for this place.

Since I was shooting in the desert, I HAD to shoot through a few crystals.  Pretty much, any photo with this child in it is going to be perfection.

Later in the day, I saw an older guy driving this amazing red car.  So, I commence to chasing him down a ten mile stretch of the desert to get this photo.  Once again, totally worth the insanity.

Can I just tell you how fast this little one can climb a rock?  Seriously – in .02 seconds flat.

Styling for this shoot is fully credited to the amazing brains at Scarlet Clothing.  What I love about them is that they can fully put together each look for your session – shoes, jewelry, all of it.  Jeanne and Nicole were so kind to join us in the desert – I am so grateful to have had that time with them.  They don’t just style models or do work for photographers – any senior can go in and come out looking amazing for their session.  I love that these girls are super busy – but always willing to help their peeps put together a variety of full looks for their shoot.

Jeanne found this blazer/jacket at a vintage store at the entrance of Joshua Tree – how perfect is this for AM?

I could literally post virtually every image from our trip – I love them all that much.  This is one of our last images and it just shows how cool this little one really is.  After climbing rocks and running around the desert all day, she still looks super cool.


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  • Lisa Fischer (the mama)

    Why am I crying? You outdid yourself. As you do for every shoot.ReplyCancel

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