Senior Session in Marfa | Brighton

I love traveling to shoot and I try to do it as often as my schedule will allow.   So, when Brighton interned for me last Spring, we hatched a plan to head to one of my favorite places to shoot, Marfa, Texas.  I first shot there about 5 years ago and have been in love with it every since.  It is just this remote little art inspired town that happens to have amazing restaurants (that open when they please) and quirky scenery.  Marfa was incredible, but honestly the most fun part was getting to hang with Brighton and her mom, Ashley.  We ate the local food, enjoyed the art, and basked in the weirdness that is Marfa.

We stayed at this little airstream park called the El Cosmico, which basically a must do in Marfa.  There is no better way to see the stars and get the true Marfa experience than staying in an airstream surrounded by tents and teepees.  Not to mention that we had places to shoot for days… I seriously could have shot just there and had enough locations.  I am not real sure if you are allowed in this truck… but we did it anyway.

Oh Brighton, you make that Spartan look even cooler than it already is…

I mean, how gorgeous is this little one?

We shot around all of our favorite pads… I want to stay in this one next time.

We even shot in front of a yurt – that’s basically a fancy tent.  Ok?

The Food Shark is a Marfa staple.  They are totally quirky and as we walked up the cook was calling out an order for “Boaty McBoatface.”  Ha!  He asked us what name went on our order (the yummiest falafels you’ve ever tasted) and Ashley said, “oh, it doesn’t matter.”  Guess what he called when our food was ready?  Hilarious.  It’s the little things y’all.

Since Beyonce herself has visited Marfa, we are pretty sure this car was used for Lemonade.  Pretty sure.

The downtown square is just full of fun little buildings.  It’s easier to go before everyone opens – not everyone we met was willing to allow photos.  MOST were super friendly though.

B, you are just everything!

The Chinati Foundation, founded by artist Donald Judd, is a wonderful place to visit.  Unfortunately for this little sack of sugar (I am referring to Brighton), she had to pose in the rain when we visited one of the large art installs.  Sorry B, it’s all for the images.

The Thunderbird Motel is another perfect little corner.

This is technically senior photos for Brighton, so we did some smiley ones… she’s so goooooood.

We closed Day 1 of our getaway with a little jaunt to the Prafa Marfa art install.  It’s actually NOT in Marfa, it’s about 30 minutes away past a little town called Valentine, Texas, but it was worth the trip.  I mean, we couldn’t miss this little gem in the desert.  It is literally a tiny little Prada building in the desert that remains locked and closed at all times.  Prada authorized use of their logo on the art piece and there you have it – Prada in the desert.  So fun!  At any given sunset, you will definitely be competing for photos with anyone else that drove in to Marfa.  We had a van FULL of people pull up as soon as we were dressed and ready to shoot – wouldn’t you know it.  We still managed to get some great stuff though.

But, all those yahoos in our way at the Prada art install allowed us to get this gorgeous shot on the road.  Go on, Brighton.  You perfect little specimen.

As the sun set, I couldn’t resist a night shot.  Even if we did get swarmed by gnats while setting it up…

The second day’s sunset was pretty fabulous too.  We drove and drove until we found the perfect field – and in true shout-out-to-Arkansas style, it was full of cows.  I LOVE cows, they are such a sweet peaceful animal.  We paired that scene with this gorgeous dress and had the most perfect ending to our two days of shooting.


There are SO MANY photos from this trip, literally too many to blog.  But, this last one is one of my faves because it is all about Brighton and her gorgeous face.  I am so thankful for the beautiful soul and to her mamma for being awesome company and allowing B to do the trip.  A huge thank you also goes to Scarlet Clothing for supplying Brighton with the most amazing wardrobe for our photos.  I LOVED every single piece.  I love when my seniors go there to get styled for their shoots – they are always perfectly put together.

We ended the trip by seeing the alien-esque “Marfa lights” and spent the night under the stars one last time.  I couldn’t resist dorking out and doing a long exposure night shot of those amazing stars…


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