The Workshop

I have been thinking about teaching a workshop for a very long time.  I believe in investing in yourself and always doing what you can to improve your craft and I love the company of other creatives who believe the same.  Awhile back, I had lunch with a dear friend and fellow creative, Jessica Zimmerman of Zimmerman Events.  She mentioned that she was starting an Inspiration Series where she offered a different workshop every month taught by fellow creatives and asked me to join the roster.  I happily agreed and was so excited to finally have a reason to put all of the plans in my head into action.  I have to say a huge special thank you to Kayla and Chris McElmurry of KB McElmurry Photography for photographing the workshop and for just being awesome people all around, the photos in this post are all theirs.


I was joined by 15 amazing photographers and we talked about creating stunning portraits all day long.  I was so completely inspired by these girls.



We talked everything from branding to equipment, to the ingredients in creating a beautiful shoot.   For the record, I am completely aware that I make the craziest faces when I get too excited talking about something.  It was tough to find photos of me talking that wouldn’t embarrass my mother.



We went out for the afternoon and did some shooting, with amazing floral and a model in tow.



I left that day with a happy heart and 15 new photographer friends.  I love being a part of a community of creatives.  I am so thankful to Jessica Zimmerman and her team for an awesome day.  She created gorgeous things for us to photograph and made sure everything was perfectly in place.  I am super excited about the next adventure.  I have been planning a wedding workshop for over a year and am hoping to announce dates later this year.

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